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The bus station in Ninh Binh is located near the Lim Bridge, just below the overpass to Phat Diem. Regular public buses leave almost hourly for the Giap Bat bus station in Hanoi ( 2,5hours, 93km). Ninh Binh is also a stop for open-tour buses between Hanoi ( two hours) and Hue ( 10 hours), which off and pick up passengers at some of the hotels.

Ninh Binh’s train station (1 Ð Hoang Hoa Tham) is a scheduled stop for Reunification Express trains, with destinations including Hanoi (two to 2,5hours, four daily), Thanh Hoa (one to 1,5hours, three daily) and Hue ( 12,5 to 13,5hours, three daily).

Travelling distances to the nearest major towns are 93km to Hanoi, 60km to Thanh Hoa and 49km to Thai Binh.


You can arrange a private from Hanoi to there. Or you can do package tour from Hanoi. Or you can take some local bus from Hanoi.


You can enjoy tourist bus from Hanoi departure at 8am in the morning or by seatting train


You can take an open bus from Hanoi at 5.30-6pm and stop in Ninh Binh and then you can do Ninh Binh Open Tours to visit all beautifull attractions in Ninh Binh City.

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